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A DRY approach to job hunting

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Don't Repeat Yourself

Record chats on topics of your choice and say goodbye to phone screens and answering the same questions over and over.

How it Works

Maximize Exposure

Your voice will reach our entire network of employers. If an employer likes what they hear you'll be invited for an in-house interview.

How it Works

Get Paid

Collect your signing bonus after landing your next great job, typically $2,400 - $6,000.

How it Works

Find Talent

Our low-barrier platform attracts talented developers and puts them within your grasp.

How it Works

Save Time

Eliminate phone screens and listen on demand to developers discuss topics that showcase their technical and cultural fit.

How it Works

Save Money

Save between 30-50% on traditional recruitment fees.

How it Works

How it Works for developers

1. Anonymous Profile

Create an anonymous profile to let employers know about your skills and what you're looking for without revealing your identity.

2. Meaty Topics

Choose a chat topic from our library that truly allows you to showcase your talent. Topics are based upon real world software development and won't be found on any interview checklists.

3. Voice Recordings

Record chats alone or invite a fellow developer to join the conversation. Record as many takes as needed until you're confident you nailed your answer.

4. Highlight Reel

Compose a highlight reel of your best chats to showcase yourself to employers.

5. Review Offers

Review interview offers from employers that like what they've heard. There's no obligation to accept an offer.

6. Get Paid

Upon accepting a job offer we'll pay you a signing bonus of 20% of our recruitment fee, typically $2,400 - $6,000.

How it Works for employers

1. Create Requisitions

Create requisitions for your open positions in order to track, evaluate, and extend interview offers to developers.

2. Search Talent

Search our pool of talented developers by skillset and job preference.

3. Listen on Demand

Listen to developers discuss meaty topics that showcase their communication skills, technical breadth and depth, and cultural fit.

4. Track & Evaluate

If you like what a developer has to say, add them to our applicant tracker so you and the rest of your team can evaluate them.

5. Make Interview Offers

Extend interview offers to promising developers. Upon acceptance their identity will be revealed so you can proceed with your hiring process.

6. Extend Job Offer

Once you've found a great match you simply extend a job offer as usual. There's never an obligation to hire.